BCS: See How The Coaches Voted

12.06.10 7 years ago 6 Comments

Just wanted to point out that USA Today has an impressive interactive infographic involving the final Top 25 ballots filled out by those rascally big-time college football coaches. Sure, Auburn and Oregon will be meeting in the BCS Title Game, but how did everyone else’s teams shake out? Before you run off and play with it, here are a few fun notes on how the coaches voted.

  • Five coaches had No. 4 Wisconsin ranked above No. 3 TCU. Both teams will meet in the Rose Bowl on January 1.
  • Idaho’s Rob Akey actually had TCU ranked No. 1; he was the only coach to deviate from putting Oregon or Auburn in the top slot.
  • Only four coaches–Stanford’s Jim Harbaugh, Arkansas’s Bobby Petrino, Boise State’s Chris Petersen and San Jose State’s Mike MacIntyre–had No. 15 Nevada ranked above No. 10 Boise State. Nevada beat Boise State, 34-31 (OT) in their reguar-season finale. Petersen had Nevada ranked 9th, one slot above his own team.
  • Doug Marrone of Syracuse and Kevin Sumlin of Houston submitted ballots, each with his top 12 teams identically mirroring that of the final poll. No other coach came that close to parroting the entire Poll, slot-for-slot.

I would have voted, but I don’t coach college football and I’d probably just put the Citadel at No. 1 anyway. Oh, I know they’re I-AA, and I don’t care. What’s the point of giving ballots to 50 different people if they’re all going to vote the same way?

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