Be Ready For Week 1: Sign Up To Win $1000 With Fanduel Fantasy Football

We’ve been running awesome fantasy baseball games alongside all summer, but football is almost back, and we’re ready to hit fantasy sports right in its wheelhouse.

You’ll want to sign up now for our first FREE FanDuel Fantasy Football game of the season (one entry per player) and take your shot at winning money from a $1000 prize pool. Do I seriously have to bribe you into playing a free fantasy football game? On Week ONE?

Here’s how it works:

We’re getting this ready for week 1, so that means the contest happens on Sunday, September 9. That means you can’t draft anyone from the Wednesday game, but all Sunday and Monday players are eligible. Payouts start right after Monday Night Football. How sweet is that? A free game with free money to celebrate the return of the one sport people seriously care about.

So yeah, sign up, friend. Enjoy your money.