Beach Bunny 2012: I Hope You Don’t Mind Another Gallery Of Kate Upton In Swimsuits

Pro Wrestling Editor
02.02.12 7 Comments

SI’s Jimmy Traina was nice enough to link to our Kate Upton Cheeseburger-stravaganza in this morning’s Hot Clicks. This caused three things to happen:
1. Happy clapping
2. A statistically-unnecessary-but-socially-correct linkback (enjoy those hits, Monster Sports Conglomerate)
3. Me watching the video of Kate’s Beach Bunny 2012 swimwear shoot provided by the HotClicks, googling “Kate Upton” for twenty minutes and discovering the rest of the shoot we previewed on a Saturday back in January.
So at the risk of burying you in barely-related-to-sports Kate Upton posts, here are nearly two dozen shots from the Beach Bunny “Deep Blue” campaign, a video of Kate in motion to stave off those “meh, photoshop’d” trolls, and a preview of her appearance in this year’s Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue.
Enjoy. I hope it causes
1. Happy clapping
(but not like that)

Special thanks again to this morning’s Hot Clicks for that one.

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