Bears Fan Enshrined In Hall Of Fame

11.16.10 7 years ago 4 Comments

I feel bad that we started the day off with domestic violence and love gone wrong, so I thought maybe now was the time to share a story that tugs on the heart strings a little. The constricted, clogged strings of an enlarged heart. Dale Bemis was one of 13 super lucky people recently inducted into the White Castle Cravers Hall of Fame, leading the world to collectively wonder – “Why the eff does White Castle have a Hall of Fame?” Nevertheless, there is one and Pete Rose again has hope.

Dale earned the honor after he submitted an essay about the final moments he shared with his dying father, as they ate White Castle burgers with extra pickles, and how his wife once randomly ordered burgers with extra pickles while they were dating, telling Dale that it was a sign from his dad to marry her. Or she’s actually his estranged sister. For the sake of romance, let’s hope not.

I’ll take a Crave Case, hold the shortened life expectancy, Chicago Sun-Times:

Bemis and his wife also make a special trip every Valentine’s Day to enjoy their favorite burgers.

Part of the reason his wedding was such a hit is that when it was time for his guests to head home, he got out sacks of White Castles and shared them with everyone.

“We weren’t supposed to bring them in. But it was our wedding, and we were going to do what we wanted,” he said. “It’s the perfect after-party food. So instead of sending everyone out for them, we brought them in.”

Actually, the perfect after-party food is Totino’s Pizza Rolls and Volcano Tacos, but you’re all probably asking, “Hey Burnsy, you’re really attractive, but how is this sports-related?” And the answer is that Dale is a lifelong Chicago Bears fan. I’m a man of action not details.

2010 also marked the first year that White Castle inducted a “public figure, celebrity or pop icon” as the Hall of Fame’s “Cravers in Extremis.” This year’s inaugural Extremis inductee was Alex Weresow, a TV producer responsible for Wife Swap and MTV’s Made. Something about that just feels right.

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