This Young Bears Fan Named His Brain Tumor ‘Aaron Rodgers’ So He Can Truly Enjoy Beating It

The rivalry between the Chicago Bears and the Green Bay Packers is one of the most deeply-felt in the NFL. Maybe it’s the cold winters; the long Februaries spent muttering about the division title that was rightfully your team’s, if not for that f*cking ref or somesuch. Whatever it is, the hatred can run pretty deep. That kind of hatred can sustain a person, like a villain dragging himself away from a car wreck. When you frame the Packers-Bears rivalry that way, it makes sense why a young Bears fan would name the brain tumor he’s fighting after the figurehead of his football misery, Aaron Rodgers.

The Elkhart Truth reported the story of 13-year-old Miguel Reyes, whose rare form of cancer produced a tumor that induces seizures and blurred vision. His family has started a GoFundMe for help training their dog, German shepherd Hester, to assist Miguel with his difficulties.

That would be a big help, but the kid from Elkhart, about a two-hour drive from Chicago, already has a strong weapon at his disposal: the unbridled passion of his fandom, with a hefty portion of hatred to keep him going.

(Via Elkhart Truth)