A Bears Player Wrecked A Completely Oblivious Older Man On The Sidelines

09.25.16 3 years ago

Standing on the sidelines of a football game is done at your own risk. Even if you’re paying attention to the game, there’s always a chance that if you’re on the sidelines, you can get hit, and hit hard. What makes it worse is when the person just feet from the game is oblivious to the danger all around them. Like this older gentleman, who was completely murked by Bears RB Jordan Howard after a hard run.

Let’s watch from another angle. The man is gazing lovingly at the impressive 160-feet wide, 62-foot tall Dallas jumbotron, completely unaware that these heavily-armored professional athletes were barreling towards him. Doom was approaching, and he was entranced by the largest 1080p screen known to man.

Look as no less than three to five people move out of the way so this guy can get smashed.

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