A Beauty Pageant In The United Arab Emirates Will Award $15 Million… To A Camel

12.18.13 4 years ago

Camel Beauty Pageant

They say that while you can claim to own a camel, you can never actually own such a majestic beast, but that’s not stopping more than 1,000 people from trying to prove that they have the most beautiful camels on the planet in the United Arab Emirates this week. The UAE is playing host to an annual camel beauty pageant that will feature more than 25,000 camels being judged in a variety of categories and for one ultimate prize of $15 million. That’s right, one camel is going to be declared more beautiful than 25,000 other camels and for that his owner will be handed a check for $15 million.

You know, I hate to be the kind of guy that complains about how life isn’t fair and the wealthy are always favored more than the rest of us, so I’ll just offer this bit of advice instead. The next time your kid asks for a bike or your teen asks for a car, buy him a camel. Because it could win you $15-f*cking-million.

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