Because It's Friday, Here's A Guy Eating A Cheeseburger With The Wrapper On

Pro Wrestling Editor

“Shoenice” (he’s the one in the video wearing a shirt with SHOENICE across the front) is a comedian from upstate New York and a Yankees fan who has amassed a decent amount of side-eyed Internet fame for eating random sh*t — bottles of Elmer’s Glue, tampons, an entire box of crayons, etc. — and while it’s not even remotely related to sports I’m gonna quote the NEW YORK YANKEES, CRAZY FANS and COMPETITIVE EATING tags and say f**k you, it’s Friday.

This is easily my favorite video he’s ever done, 10% for the absurdity of a guy thinking this was a good or desirable idea and 80% for the hilarious commentary of his friends. Here’s a definitive list:

– “Oh myeh God, GOD DAMNehhh”

– “You’re rocking, dude!”

– “Niiice, bro!”

– “Ohson!/Oh my God!”

– “Yer da man!”

– “Woo! Woo.”

The final 10% is for visual proof that Shoenice has friends. I’m guessing he used his glue-chugging money to make these guys paid extras.

[h/t Bob’s Blitz]

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