Because It’s Friday, Meet Winston, The Tap-Dancing English Bulldog

I’m going to be 100 percent honest right now – short of the University of Oregon’s cheerleaders kidnapping me and forcing me to watch anything but college basketball today (and I welcome them to try), I’m not really interested in anything other news right now. However, I will make an exception for any video that claims to feature a tap-dancing English Bulldog, because I’m a human being with feelings and a working brain, obviously.

According to the video’s description:

This is Winston our 4 year old Bulldog. He came to us from Bulldog Rescue a Bulldog welfare charity based in South East England. Winston has coordination and balance problems and is partially deaf but that sure dont stop him dancing. He just loves to dance. Excuse the over excited encouragement but it helps get him in his groove.

This video makes me happy. I had an English Bulldog that also loved to dance and chase basketballs around the house, so I could watch Winston’s moves on a loop. I won’t, however, because there are GIFs of those Oregon cheerleaders making the rounds, and I find that to be slightly more important. No offense, Winston.

(GIF via Guyism, video via)