Because You’re Done With the Internet For the Day – Tebow on the Daily Show

06.03.11 7 years ago 5 Comments

In case you needed more reasons to hate Tim Tebow, here he is on last night’s edition of “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” being affable and talking about how college athletes deserve to ride around on scooters and eat Bloomin’ Onions. Tebow also talks about being the child of missionaries, sponsoring an orphanage, and his predictions for this year’s Denver Broncos (“pretty good”), so basically the worst thing you can say about him here is that his suit doesn’t really fit. I could make fun of him for writing an autobiography (and calling it “Through My Eyes”) at age 23, but I wrote a semi-autobiographical novel when I was 22, and I’m not exactly a storied football star.

At some point you just want Stewart to call him “Tammy Tebow” a bunch of times and get him to flip out and jump over the desk. Hopefully Tebow can get to 46 and still not have any awful stories to tell. And hopefully those Ohio State guys enjoyed their illegal Surf and Turf.

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