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I try to follow soccer. I really do, but some of the player movement just doesn’t make any sense to me. Transfers, I can figure that out. It’s just a stupid word for “trades.” But the concept of loaning out players–quality players that have such a finite shelf life as it as–that just boggles my GD mind. So if any of you have any insight about this David Beckham going-to-AC-Milan-and-then-five-months-later-returning business, by all means, jump in. One fan tried to do just that in Beckham’s MLS return to LA last night:

At halftime, Beckham walked toward the L.A. Riot Squad section and motioned to a fan to come closer. A man jumped down from the seats and was subdued by security before being taken away.

“One of the guys was saying things that wasn’t very nice. It was stepping over the line,” Beckham said. “I said, `You need to calm down and come shake my hand,’ and he jumped over.”

The man was arrested by Cal State Dominguez Hills police for trespassing because he left the seating area, a Home Depot Center spokeswoman said. via.

So Beckham leaves LA to play in a league where he wanted to play all along (I presume), comes back to MLS to fulfill his contract, and then gets his ass booed off the entire game. Like I said, I don’t really get it. Obviously, the Galaxy faithful are a little bent that Beckham left. I’m just amazed that fans in LA were able to get to the game before halftime. That’s more commitment than Beckham seemed to show to LA.

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