Behold! Bol Bol, Son Of Manute!

10.09.12 5 years ago 6 Comments

Manute Bol Bol BolIf it helps, you’re supposed to read that headline like the cover of a Jack Kirby comic.

Anyway, meet Bol Bol (pictured standing next to his famous father, right) (just kidding). He’s the Godzooky to Manute Bol’s Godzilla, a 13-year old who will one day grow into his terrifying limbs, develop a slingshot three-pointer and dominate the NBA, at least in that one little spot where he can stand without falling down.

Bol Bol is a 6’5 seventh grader who is the son of the late NBA player Manute Bol. Bol strokes threes just like his dad and even showed the ability to put it on the ground and create off the bounce. Bol has a good mid range jumper and has a good understanding of the pick and roll. These highlights are from the 2012 Cross Roads Elite Camp in Indianapolis.

A few observations:

1. That is the most terrifying 7th grader basketball camp ever. One kid looks exactly like Manute Bol, one kid has a full mustache in the seventh grade like he’s a Napoleon Dynamite joke and everyone is 6-foot-5. If I’d gone to that camp when I was 13 it would’ve been like Porky Pig playing against the Monstars.

2. This is living proof that if you procreate with Manute Bol, it doesn’t matter what you look like, that kid’s gonna straight-up look like Manute f**king Bol.

3. I like to think that Manute named his kid “Bol Bol” so that when they were announced together, it’d sound like his name was echoing a la Pride Of The Yankees. “Here’s Manute Bol, Bol Bol.”

4. I wonder if Bol Bol ever got to enjoy any of his dad’s festive cruises?

[h/t to Cameron Smith at Prep Rally]

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