Behold: The 44-Year Old Horrifying Stomach Spinkick Of Doom

What you’re watching is the (No Self-) Respect Fighting Championship 6 Pro -88kg bout wherein Jörg Lothmann knocks out Jeffrey Waltmans with a spinning kick to the face and an admonishing-a-dog-style slap to the back of the neck. This fight is of interest for two reasons: Jörg Lothmann is 44-years old, and he has one of the most hilarious torsos in professional sports.

Seriously, look at that thing. From the back it looks like the top of a butt, and from the front it looks like … I don’t know, an earlobe? If you look at the picture on the right and take away his head and limbs it looks like a goldfish’s face. When he breathes it looks like he’s trying to suck up fish food through his navel.

The fight comes to us by way of Fightlinker and many a “gunt” joke was had, at least until aptly-named commenter “Carcass” dropped the science:

Men can’t have gunts…by definition, they are a female phenomenon – a portmanteau of gut-cunt.

This man has a muffin-drop or gut-hang.

Between the instant ref stoppage and Waltmans going down like he was fighting Kimbo Slice I can’t vouch for the legitimacy of Respect Fighting Championship 6, so I’ll ask you to draw your own conclusions.

(About what to call his stomach, I mean.)

[h/t to Vince Mancini]