Behold, The Kinda-Racist Rockford IceHogs ‘Los IceHogs’ Poncho Hockey Jersey

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11.08.12 20 Comments

“Fiesta” your eyes on the Los IceHogs jersey, a special-occasion alternate for the AHL Chicago Blackhawks affiliate Rockford IceHogs. I’ve been trying to come up with an occasion that would require a hockey team to dress like that, and I’ve come up with two believable options:

1. IceHogs player John Marston purchased a safehouse in Nuevo Paraiso.

2. Corona is sponsoring a promotion, and there isn’t a huge hockey-loving Latino community in Rockford, Illinois, so instead of being “Hispanic Heritage Night” it’s just “Mexico”.

I mean, what’s next? Are they gonna give fans maracas? A special appearance by Dora The Explorer?


It’s “Los IceHogs” night at the BMO Harris Bank Center! The first 2,500 fans into the building will get a Los IceHogs Maraca (one of four colors) compliments of Corona. The Hogs will also be wearing specialty jerseys that will be auctioned off.

I know I can be a little bleeding-heart about these things, but man. We’ve seen “los” jerseys in other sports with varying degrees of success (“Los Heat” is still pretty terrible), but did they have to give the Mexican IceHog a Cheech mustache? Did they have to put him in a sombrero? More importantly, did they also have to put the numbers on the backs of the jerseys in sombreros? This is an actual thing:

I hope their mascot gets replaced by Slowpoke Rodriguez. Oh, and by the way, here are the maracas.

If the IceHogs win, everybody gets $2 off a flan!

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