08.07.08 10 years ago 11 Comments

The Olympics officially begin tomorrow, which is good news, because that means we only have three more weeks of stories about how the pollution is going to destroy the cardiopulmonary systems of the world's healthiest people.  Today's smog report comes once again from Dan Steinberg, who went for a jog with Washington Post columnist Sally Jenkins.  Steinz:

Granted, I feel like death whenever I jog, but this time I felt like death covered with tar enveloped in exhaust fumes wrapped in insulation sprinkled with gasoline and tied together with a sandpaper bow. In all honesty, running at a slow clip for a very short distance, we undeniably got a lot thirstier and felt a lot crummier than we would have even in D.C.'s humidity.

Now I know how celebrity gossip bloggers feel.  At this point Beijing smog is the new Amy Winehouse.  Like, "Jesus, she's out doing drugs in public again?  What should I say about this?  Hmmm… maybe I should recommend that the police or her family intervene.  For the 30th time."

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