Being A Kid In A Hospital Won’t Stop Ohio State QB Cardale Jones From Dominating You At Video Games

Big Ten Championship - Ohio State v Wisconsin
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An athlete visiting a kid at a local hospital is a pastime that dates back at least as far as Lou Gehrig visiting “Little Billy” in 1928. As dramatized in the movie Pride of the Yankees, Gehrig famously promised a hospitalized young boy that he’d hit two home runs in an upcoming World Series game. People are skeptical about the authenticity of that tale as it’s most certainly a case of Hollywood fiction. Thankfully we have an updated athlete/hospital tale and it was documented in real time on twitter so we know it’s true.

I’m not sure if Ohio State QB Cardale Jones made any performance promises to young Jared Foley in the upcoming National Championship game during their visit together at the hospital on Thursday, but he certainly made the meeting memorable for a different reason; by dominating him at a video game.

Jones and Foley played each other in EA Sports NCAA Football. Jones, of course, played as Ohio State and Foley played as Georgia. After falling behind early 7-0, Jones went on a bit of a run, eventually going up 91-35 late in the 4th quarter.

In the game Jones finished 17-of-19 for 395 yards and scored seven touchdowns. Afterwards he had a message for critics who felt it may have been poor form to run up the score on a kid in the hospital.

Classic Cardale.

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