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“Take your wheelchair ramp and shove it”

I’m not one to say anything positive about Boston — or anything, really — but has another killer photo essay (you may remember their series on women’s fencing from the Olympics).  This collection of images showcases the Paralympics in Beijing, and you can see things like:

  • Opening ceremonies.  Did Hou Bin (above) really need to be attached to his wheelchair to climb the rope and light the Paralympic flame?  Seems like an unnecessary weight to attach to the guy.
  • Blind soccer players complaining to the referee. “C’mon!  You HAD to have seen that!  … Um, or so I would assume.”
  • Gruesome spills in the track events — both wheelchairs and the springy leg prosthetics.  Makes me realize that track is like NASCAR: way more compelling with crashes.
  • A guy using his mouth to pull back his bowstring in an archery event… because he only has one arm.

All told, it’s some compelling photography that draws attention to a sporting event that hasn’t gotten the praise it deserves. I won’t even say things like “I’d give my right arm for…” something because I can’t imagine life without it.  Hell, I’m not even willing to part with a toe (I need those for balance!).  I doubt I could embrace a handicap and thrive like these people have.  Unless there’s an event for staying in bed and crying.

[East Coast Bias]

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