Believe It Or Not, The Pro Bowl Wasn’t Terrible: The Game In Pictures

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The 2012 Pro Bowl took place yesterday, in case you were glued to TNT’s broadcast of the Celebrity Drinking Contest annual SAG Awards, and it was basically everything you would expect, as the AFC defeated the NFC 59-41. The defenses played down, allowing the offensive players to do their things, and that’s why Philip Rivers only had one interception, instead of the standard 7. But I also commend rookie Can Newton for selflessly getting the defense involved by throwing 3 picks as well.

The star of the game, though, was Miami Dolphins wide receiver Brandon Marshall, who had 6 receptions for 176 yards and a Pro Bowl record 4 touchdowns, as he scored once in each quarter. Of course, the controversial wide receiver’s moment in the figurative sun didn’t last long as he eventually opened his mouth.

“Since Jay Cutler I’ve had a few different quarterbacks and being in the Pro Bowl you have these elite quarterbacks and it’s all them,” he said. “They put [the ball] in the right spots and make it easy for me to make the catch. It’s all the quarterbacks.” (Via the Miami Herald)

While he’s right – in the last two seasons, he’s had four QBs in Matt Moore, Chad Henne, Chad Pennington and Tyler Thigpen – some have misconstrued Marshall’s words as an attack on Moore. That would be true if the Dolphins hadn’t already made it clear that they’re looking to upgrade at QB. But I digress. At least the Pro Bowl gave us something to talk about.

In the meantime, people will continue to question the need for the Pro Bowl, and those people need to shush. The Pro Bowl is great for what it is – a chance for guys who get their asses kicked for 18 weeks to f*ck around and have some fun. The NFL just needs to move it back to after the Super Bowl so the players from the eventual championship team can attend and remind all of the other players how much worse they are. That’s the true NFL spirit.

Now enjoy some of the game’s best moments before everyone goes back to airing David Tyree’s catch over and over for the next 6 days.

(Images via the AP and Reuters; Cheerleader images via the NFL.)

“Hey Rivers, I’m really glad you made it today. You totally deserve it.”

“Dude, I can’t believe Rivers fell for our fake invitation!”

“And the Miami Dolphins chose WHO over you?”

Roger Goodell has really bad handwriting.

If you’re not familiar with the band Hot Chelle Rae, then I admire you. If you are, and “Tonight Tonight” is now stuck in your head, too, I’ll be distributing cyanide capsules momentarily.

Brandon Marshall celebrates with the Jaguars’ lone Pro Bowl participant.

B-Marsh’s biggest moment was an amazing catch that was allowed by two Pro Bowl defenders running into each other. (Video here.)


Patrick Peterson was immediately fined $50,000 for violating the Pro Bowl’s strict no defense policy.

“All you can eat lobster, brah!”

Does that hand phone dial 911? Because me thinks someone’s wife doesn’t like all those cheerleaders.

Hold on, something just doesn’t seem right about that trophy…

There you go, much better.

We now take a timeout to appreciate the NFL’s true stars.

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