The Bella Twins Pulled Twin Magic On Jimmy Kimmel’s Security Guard

Pro Wrestling Editor
10.23.13 14 Comments

Bella Twins Jimmy Kimmel

If you’re a fan of E!’s ‘Total Divas’ (or Burnsy’s reports about it) you may know Brie and Nikki Bella as sisters who do photoshoots and have relationship drama for a living while occasionally pro-wrestling on the side. Brie’s the nice one with fiancé who looks like a tiny lumberjack. Nikki’s the mean one who dates a guy who looks Jay Landsman on steroids.

If you watch WWE (or read my reports about it) you’ll know Brie and Nikki Bella as sisters who still pretend they’re identical even though one has enormous breast implants and is constantly two shades darker than the other. They do a thing called “Twin Magic” where they switch places without the referee seeing them, which gives them an unfair advantage. They don’t really do it anymore, but they hung onto it for a loooong time.

Here are the Bellas bridging the gap between their Total Divas and Raw personas better than they’ve ever managed to do on Raw by pranking Jimmy Kimmel’s security guard with Twin Magic. Spoiler alert: it ends in a cupcake fight.

It’s cute, but unfortunately now that Jimmy Kimmel has outed himself as the Ozymandias of comedy we can never accept anything he does as legit, so enjoy this like you might enjoy Santino dressed as Elvis with an Elvis wig on his cobra. If you don’t watch WWE … uh, enjoy it like you’d enjoy Giuliana Rancic’s personality? I don’t really watch E!.

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