The Heated Face-Offs Between Chael Sonnen And Wanderlei Silva Should Remind You Not To Sleep On Bellator 180

It’s been four years since Wanderlei Silva and Chael Sonnen were initially booked to step inside a cage and fight, and now, finally, at Bellator 180, it’s going to happen. Both men have passed their drug tests (!!!) and both men have made weight. The final bit of promotion was just stepping in front of each other for the cameras one more time before they make that walk. It was as entertaining as expected.

It seems like poor Chael just wants a handshake, but literally, after years of trash talk and stop-start fight promotion, Wanderlei’s done. He’s just totally done.

Silva warned everyone involved that he wouldn’t be able to control himself if he saw Chael, and that seemed true (beyond him actually controlling himself). It didn’t help matters that Chael was egging him on, which contradicts Chael saying he didn’t want trouble:

“I can’t believe I keep falling for it. Every time I let that guy get within arms reach, he does something. I won’t make like today was some big deal. So he touched me? But it could have been a punch; it could have been a kick. I don’t know why that guy has to get so handsy all the time. Even when we were coming across the stage, I put my hand out and said, ‘Just stop right there; they can take the photo from there. Let’s just stay apart for a little bit.’”

Bellator 180 is a stacked card from top to bottom, even if we’re seeing two past their prime fighters settling the score as the main event, there’s a ton of elite action to enjoy. What a time to be a combat sports fan.

(Via MMA Junkie)