Chael Sonnen Dominates Wanderlei Silva In A Weird Brawl Then Calls Out Fedor Emelianenko At Bellator 180

After years and years and years of trash talk, matchups falling apart and more trash talk, it was surreal even seeing Chael Sonnen and Wanderlei Silva in the same cage. This was actually happening, and even if both men were well beyond their prime, finally, one of MMA’s nastiest feuds would come to an end. Kinda. The beef will probably never be buried.

Obviously, there was no glove touch.

And as expected, Chael shot in on Wand in less than 10 seconds, took him down just like on TUF and then absolutely beat him down as if they’ve been angry at each other for about a half-decade. After multiple minutes of heavy ground and pound, Wand got up and clipped Chael right behind the ear, sending the American Gangster to the mat. Chael would recover and get right back on top.

Both men would open up the second round with a sloppy flurry that would wobble them both again, then Chael would throw a double leg on Wand once again, but get caught in a deep guillotine that wouldn’t go anywhere. They get stood up, Chael takes Wand down again, as expected.



As the final bell rang, Wand pushed Chael off, disgusted at everything that just happened while Chael smiled his sly smile. After Sonnen gets his hand raised, Wand shoves him, Chael recovers, bashes New York, talks crap to a flabbergasted Tito Ortiz, then calls out Fedor.