Ben Affleck Was Caught On Camera Reacting To Rex Ryan Shutting Out The Patriots

10.03.16 2 years ago

Ben Affleck is known for a great many things — acting, directing, producing, dating Jennifers — but the one things that keeps him relatable (or, depending on your loyalties, makes him even more insufferable) is his love of Boston sports. For better or worse, Affleck is never more of an everyman than when he gets worked up and starts cursing out Roger Goodell for a perceived crusade against Tom Brady.

Similarly, this little moment from in between a series of promotional interviews Affleck was doing in support of his upcoming movie, the hilariously poorly-named The Accountant, is a moment any sports fan has had. Busy with his day, Affleck had to ask someone else the score of the Patriots game. When the bad news comes in — that the Patriots were losing 16-0, which would go on to be the final score of the game — this is his classic reaction.

Affleck: You’re kidding me.
Reporter: I’m sorry.
Affleck: In the third quarter?
Reporter: Fourth.
Affleck: In the fourth?
Reporter: Yeah.
Affleck: Rex Ryan? [Pause] F*ck.

That exact final sentence was uttered thousands of times across New England on Sunday. Of course, given that Jacoby Brissett was starting and coming off a thumb injury, no Patriots fans can feel all that dejected at falling to 3-1 with Tom Brady on the way back. That being said, Rex Ryan? We feel you, Ben.

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