Ben Affleck’s Red Sox Birthday Curse Has Finally Come To An End

New York Yankees v Boston Red Sox
Getty Image / Jim McIsaac

Ben Affleck seems to have a hard time seeing his beloved Boston Red Sox win on his birthday. The Sox were 0-15 on August 15th, winning their last game on the date in 1997 according to The Hollywood Reporter. It’s gotten bad enough that Affleck threatened to root for the Yankees last year when the alleged “birthday jinx” rolled around again, leading to another loss.

But the story is a little different this year and the “curse” has finally been lifted from the team. Boston defeated the Seattle Mariners in a game that saw the Sox tally up a an astounding number of runs, and winning by a score of 22-10. Boston had 26 hits in the game, and each team had one error; but a win is a win. The team noted the occasion and tweeted out a birthday wish to Affleck in celebration:

That only leaves one thing: Affleck’s acknowledgement of the feat, which happened shortly after:

So yeah, he might be going through a messy break up, a very public affair and his team in the basement every other day of this season, but at least the Red Sox won on Ben Affleck’s birthday. That is the silver lining he had been waiting for so long.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter / Ben Affleck / Boston Red Sox)

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