Ben Affleck Explains His Profanity-Laced Rant On DeflateGate From ‘Any Given Wednesday’

If you’re a fan of the f-word, angry Bostonians, and hot takes on DeflateGate, then you should watch Ben Affleck’s rant from the new HBO swear-fest Any Given Wednesday immediately. Even if you’ve seen it, watch it again, because Affleck got really mad and said that there is a conspiracy and a smear campaign against Tom Brady, all while Bill Simmons sat there with a gigantic grin on his face.

Affleck swore a ton – as did everyone on the debut of Any Given Wednesday – and he was especially loose with the f-bomb. He estimates that he said a variation of that 18 times in the nearly five-minute segment, which is one of the good things about being on HBO, I suppose. (For the record, we had Affleck at 23 f-bombs during his entire interview with Simmons.)

To kind of apologize for this, Affleck took to his Facebook page and admitted that he swore a few too many times. He also mentioned that he loved doing this interview and made a joke about his passion as a Boston sports fan.

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On one hand, listening to Affleck ramble on for five minutes about how everyone’s out to get Tom Brady was awful. On the other, sports analysis, particularly from celebrities, has been so neutered that listening to someone actually say what they think was kind of cool. What I’m saying is don’t feel like you need to apologize because you swore a lot, Ben Affleck.