Ben Broussard Still Jinxing the Indians Three Years Into Retirement

From 2002-2006, first baseman Ben Broussard kept it simple, putting a hex on The Tribe by batting .260 and handling Jhonny Peralta’s off-center lobs like fastballs from Shawon Dunston. Now he’s taking a more esoteric approach, causing Cleveland to lose seven of their last ten by being the brother of Megan Broussard, the lady in the middle of the “Anthony Weiner’s last name is ‘weiner’ and he sent a lady a bunch of pictures of his wiener” scandal, a scandal I like to call “Anthony-Gate.”

The Beaumont Enterprise uncovered (get it) the connection between the Broussards, both Beaumont natives. I know you guys hate it when real life issues interfere with your fantasy sports, so here’s a little hilarious recap from ABC News:

Broussard, who describes herself as disinterested in politics and previously unaware of Weiner, said that she has never met the congressman in person and doesn’t “think he’s a bad guy.” And, she said, she actively participated in “sexting” — as she has done frequently with other men online — with the man she presumed to be Weiner.

During one flirtatious Facebook chat last month, Broussard said, she issued the man on the other end a challenge.

“I asked him to take a picture and write ‘me’ on it so I would know,” Broussard said in an interview.

The reply, she says, came moments later.

They make sure to add a little woman-blaming, in case the Indians were still trying to win that f**king Central Division.

After Weiner, who’s married, admitted to texting sexual messages and photos to several women yesterday, Meagan was quick to pounce on her 15 minutes.

Ben Broussard’s Twitter has been inactive since June 2, and yes, I did not know Ben Broussard had a Twitter until I started writing this article. Maybe as the season goes on and Detroit wins more and more games, we’ll find out that Fausto Carmona is the guy that leaked the Blake Lively photos and that Travis Hafner is actually Tito Ortiz, which is why he’s always taking so much time off. I’m going to go ahead and blame this on Grady Sizemore for taking those cheesecake pictures of himself years ago and starting the Indians Sext Ball rolling. Somebody check Ben’s phone and make sure he hasn’t been sending dong pix to Madeleine Albright.

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