Bengals Cheerleader Wins $11 Million Defammation Lawsuit…Sort Of

08.30.10 8 years ago 19 Comments

Last year, beacon of Internet gossip blogging integrity featured a post about Sarah Jones, a cheerleader for the Cincinnati Bengals. One of The Dirty’s readers valiantly exposed Sarah as a less-than-reputable lady of class, basically saying that she was a jock-chasing disease trap, and she took her fight to court to clear her good name. Sarah, who also spends her days working as a high school teacher, was awarded $11 million in damages in a triumphant decision in the face of careless slander. The only problem is that she’ll probably never get to deposit it.

You see, Sarah’s lawyer filed the lawsuit against the wrong company. Instead of suing Hooman “Nik Ritchie” Karamian and, the lawsuit instead targeted and Dirty World Entertainment Recordings. Whoops. Dirty World Entertainment is a Dublin, Georgia outfit dedicated to underground rap artists, like Trae Duice, according to their MySpace profile, which I checked after traveling back to 2005. belongs to Dirty World LLC. Simple mistake. Simple $11 million mistake.

This whole blogosphere is out of order, The Last Angry Fan:

Seems Jones’ attorney royally screwed up—instead of, the aforementioned owner, and site founder Hooman Karamian (aka Nik Ritchie) being sued, a similarly named website,, and it’s parent company, Dirty World Entertainment Recordings, were the parties named in the lawsuit. The judge ordered Dirty World Entertainment Recordings to pay Jones the $11 million, but now that the error has been discovered, there’s a pretty good chance that the ruling will be dismissed.

Here’s the original post that started this whole mess:

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, here we have Sarah J, captain cheerleader of the playoff bound cinci bengals.. Most ppl see Sarah has a gorgeous cheerleader AND highschool teacher.. yes she’s also a teacher.. but what most of you don’t know is.. Her ex Nate.. cheated on her with over 50 girls in 4 yrs.. in that time he tested positive for Chlamydia Infection and Gonorrhea.. so im sure Sarah also has both.. whats worse is he brags about doing sarah in the gym.. football field.. her class room at the school she teaches at DIXIE Heights.

…this is Sara J, Cincinnati Bengal Cheerleader. She’s been spotted around town lately with the infamous Shayne Graham. She has also slept with every other Bengal Football player. This girl is a teacher too!!

I mean, how can something so spectacularly written and edited be so wrong and hateful? And if you can read that without doing a hot cocoa spit take on “infamous Shayne Graham” then you might be emotionally dead. Calling Graham infamous is like calling Anthony Fasano iconic.

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