Berman Re-Signs With The Monolith

04.19.10 8 years ago 8 Comments

ESPN’s Chris Berman has re-signed with that network, and presumably used rumors of his defection to NFL Network to pump a little bit more money out of those Bristol coffers. Those rumors were circulated two months, and one could assertain that the large gulf of time between then and now indicates that the Swami didn’t get the money that he was looking for.

As annoying as Berman comes off to most people, I much prefer his antics to the quasi-European smugness of Trey Wingo or the “Word to yo mutha” ramblings of Stuart Scott, two people that were likely to replace him behind the NFL game-day desk. You know what you get with Berman: a little bit of cheese and a little less hair. I can handle him keeping his own seat warm while giving Scott a few more years to get hit by a bus. Not that I wish him any ill will; I just think he’s terrible at his job.

Who would you rather see running the point of ESPN’s NFL coverage? Besides Suzy Kolber, obviously…

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