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Did you ever wonder how they do it in Fort Wayne?  Well, here you go:

Those rug-cutting skills were as crazy as the moves of the namesake of the FW, Mad Anthony Wayne.  That's right, the Revolutionary War general had some off the hook steps.  In fact, after leading his troops to victory over the British garrison in a fixed-bayonet battle at Stony Point, NY, the insane impresario of the waltz "served" one of his young lieutenants with an improvised box step at a celebratory dance party.  Military strategists still marvel at how Wayne's forces took the well-fortified redoubt.  It's as simple as able men following the orders of brilliant, charismatic leader.  It's just like when I exhorted my G.I. Joes to take the Cobra fort on the flagstone outcrop at Mom's Garden — "Destro, you magnificent bastard, I read your book!" -KD

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