Best And Worst Of WWE Raw Update

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04.24.12 61 Comments

If you live in Austin and read this site on the reg, chances are you were one of the tens of thousands of people in attendance at last night’s Monday Night Raw Watch Party, informally known as the Best And Worst Of Raw Live. On ice. And don’t quote me on the attendance, there were lights in my eyes the entire time and I’m just assuming that’s how many people were on the other side.

Anyway! If you watched Raw you know it was:

1. Three hours long

2. Suicidally dreadful

3. 85% commercial break

That being said, the combination of an arduous three hour Raw and the performance anxiety/high/cooldown combined has forced me to post this announcement: This week’s Best And Worst Of Raw column will be posted first thing in the morning on Wednesday, unless you want me to write up the version I saw with everything muted.

Maybe that would be better.

Until then, head over to The New Movement and find out where and how you can support the talented men and women who helped make the Raw party possible. For a live perspective on Raw that DIDN’T involve anybody calling Hornswoggle a “dick in a fruit roll-up”, check out John Canton’s Raw Deal at TJR Wrestling.

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