The Best And Bloodiest Fistfight Over A 45 Cent Debt You'll See Today

Pro Wrestling Editor
09.03.13 4 Comments

Screen Shot 2013-09-03 at 12.02.02 PMOver the summer we’ve stayed close to stories of regular people dishing out MMA street justice, be it the businessman who choked out a guy during a road rage dispute or the legendary ‘Hilarious Hillbilly Fight Goes The Distance.’ Somehow, some way, this fight might top them both.

It starts like most fights do, with somebody owing somebody money, and the lender deciding to charge interest. In this case, that interest is 45 cents. Yes, friends, 45 cents. You’ve lost more than that in your dryer. When a cashier at a grocery store says “hey, wanna round your total up by 45 cents to prevent muscular dystrophy” or whatever you say SURE, and your life doesn’t change. Here, it is the cause of HILLBILLY FISTFIGHTS, and one of the best unnecessary pratfalls into a wooden fence you’ll ever see.

Middle Easy shared this clip yesterday, and it’s the gift that keeps on giving. He gets knocked out of his shoes! He almost loses his 2004 cell phone! His head is bleeding profusely! So much to love, although the dialogue is definitely my favorite. “I’VE ABOUT HAD IT WITH YOUR SHIT, DOUG” is my new battle cry.

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