Our All-Viral Marching Band Will Make You Stay In Your Seats During Halftime

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A few weeks ago, an unsuspecting keyboardist from the Boston Crusaders Drum & Bugle Corps went viral after a video of her facial expressions during a performance made the rounds on the internet. Anna Eberhart of Texas said that at first the video blowing up bothered her a little bit, but then explained the facial contortions as her mimicking the story with her facial expressions and “trying to represent the music to show the audience” what she is feeling, so the intense popularity of the video was actually okay.

Anna’s playing was so intense – and so real – that we would trust her to be a part of any marching band anywhere.

Of course, we don’t have a say in the formation of real marching band lineups. That would be far too much responsibility and we’d probably muck things up by adding too many drummers and not enough French horn players or something. (Drumline was a great Nick Cannon movie, and that is not up for discussion.)

Instead, we’ve compiled a viral marching band lineup that would win any competition out there – as long as said competition is based on online popularity first and actual talent second.

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