The Best Moments From This Week’s ‘Eastbound & Down’: ‘You Need To See A Doctor, Dude’

There’s a higher power watching out for Kenny Powers. At least that’s the main point that I’ve taken away from the third episode (“Chapter 24”) of the fourth and (presumably) final season of HBO’s Eastbound & Down. Because as he’s in bed with his hammered, passed out wife, contemplating the ultimate Kenny Powers question, he asks God for some advice, and yet somehow… Kenny ends up in the clear. I guess we could say that he made the right decision by default, all while making possibly the worst decision of his life.

This is where we stand with Kenny Powers now, though. He has regained his fame and fortune (at least he thinks he has) and now he just has to take care of the hard part – keeping it. Obviously, it’s not going to be easy, as Chapter 24 showed us just how quickly the fortune might go away.

Just When We Think That Stevie Can’t Get Any Lower

With Kenny back at what he believes is the top of his game, Stevie thinks that he’s heading back to the top as well. But because Stevie lives his life underneath a mile of dog sh*t, his top is still worse than any regular man’s bottom of the barrel. Chapter 24 picks up right where 23 left off, with Kenny, April and Stevie leaving the studio after Kenny’s incredible takedown of Dontel, and Stevie’s higher on life than 1,000 junkies shooting up that new bathtub heroin that devours your skin.

There are two people, though, who can ruin Kenny’s new success: 1) Kenny himself and 2) Stevie. Because the latter is always the best at the quick buzzkill, he handles that this time by not only asking “the Lady Powers” about her lady parts, but by also punching out a random car window. After each episode, I ask if Stevie can get any lower, and after each episode I answer my own question with, “Holy sh*t he’s a horrible human being.”

At some point, Steve Little should win something for how incredibly he portrays this pathetic character.

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There’s That Screenplay Again

We’re three episodes into an eight-episode season – again, I won’t believe that it’s over until it’s actually over – and Kenny has mentioned his screenplay three times. I’m hoping that we get two episodes devoted to that screenplay, whether that means we see him out in Los Angeles trying to actually sell it, or the sale process goes quick and we jump right into the casting and/or production. Like I said last week, you could have given me an entire season of just this movie being made, but I like where we’re going so far.