UPROXX VIDEO: A Look Back At The Seventh Round Draft Picks That Lit Up The NFL

Any football fan remembers the first pick in the NFL Draft. This year, that honor went to UC Berkeley’s Quarterback Jared Goff. Goff will be staying in California becoming the new face for the Rams as they play their inaugural season in Los Angeles, bringing the NFL back to LA after what seems to be eons. Actually, it’s been since 1994, the year Goff was born.

First-round picks tend to get all of the glory, but for how many Mannings that go in the first-round there’s even more Manziels. Bust draft picks can happen in any round, but so can winning picks. A certain sixth-round pick in 2000’s NFL Draft was thinking about sending his resume around right before the New England Patriots scooped him up. That sixth-round pick is arguably one of the best NFL Quarterbacks in history despite recent events.

Don’t underestimate late-round picks. Marques Colston went in the last round in 2006 and ended up being a key player on the Saints roster when they won Super Bowl XLIV four years later. Gary Anderson was another late draft bloomer who ended up being a phenomenal placekicker. The guy didn’t even miss a single field goal during the 1998 regular season! He also rocked a single-bar face mask even after the NFL banned them. It’s hard to believe that three time Super Bowl champion and Hall of Famer, Shannon Sharpe went in the last round, but he did back in 1990. These guys and a few others make our list for some of the best last-round draft picks. Your team’s seventh-round pick tonight could bring home a Super Bowl win next season.