All The Best Moments From The Second Floyd Mayweather Vs. Conor McGregor World Tour Event

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Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor are in the middle of a World Tour that’s set to take them across three countries in four days. And if this latest stop in Toronto is any indicator, the press conferences are only going to get more and more crazy. The format for the events are a bit oddball, with the promoters and fighters getting up to deliver speeches to the crowd. That’s not something McGregor has ever done before, which is probably why his performance (if not his choice of clothing) on stop one in LA was a bit lacking. He made up for things though in Toronto, tearing Floyd apart to the delight of the heavily pro-UFC crowd. Here’s some of his best moments:

F**k that mic! McGregor wasn’t happy with press tour organizers Showtime Sports turning his mic off in LA, and the first thing he did was express that unhappiness in the most Conor manner possible.

F**k the Mayweathers! Enjoy Conor McGregor starting a foul mouthed chant with the Toronto crowd which I’m sure had the censors on FOX Sports 2 working overtime.

“50 strippers on his payroll, this man has! What the f**k is he doing with that strip club? What the f**k? 50 stripper bitches on his payroll! Shout out to all the stripper bitches on his payroll! At least Rob Kardashian only had one. He has 50!”

“What the f**k is he wearing? He looks like a little breakdancer or something, a little 12 year old breakdancer bitch. He’s 40! You’re 40 years of age. Dress your f**king age. Carrying a schoolbag on stage. What are you doing with a schoolbag on stage? You can’t even read! 40 years old carrying a schoolbag, the man doesn’t even f**king read!”

Mayweather wasn’t the only one on blast. Here Conor is tearing into Showtime Sports vice president Stephen Espinoza some more for slights real and imagined.

“You little weasel! Look at you, you little weasel. I can see it in your eyes, you’re a f**king bitch. Cut my mic off? Cut the champ’s mic off? Hell no, you f**king weasel!”

Floyd Mayweather’s turn at the podium started off on a not so great tip as Toronto filled the air with “Pay your taxes!” chants.

“If you believe in yourself like you say you believe in yourself, bet your whole fight check, bitch!”

“You’re a hoe! Dana White’s your boss!”

The schoolbag makes another appearance and McGregor grabbed it when Mayweather pulled an Irish flag from the crowd.

“That’s it? That’s it? There’s about five grand in here! F**k me. Just know you do something with that flag, you ain’t getting this bag or this money and I’m going to f**k you up on this stage!”

With two more stops to go in New York and London, we can’t wait to see what Mayweather and McGregor get up to next. Even if the fight is a terrible dud (something I’m not convinced it will be), the estimated $100 price tag will be worth it just as money owed for the entertainment from this World Tour.