The Best Sports Video Game Tournament, Round Of 32

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03.21.17 7 Comments

If the thousands of people who voted in the first round of The Best Sports Video Game Tournament made brackets, they’d all be out by now. Everyone’s bracket is busted. A ridiculous amount of underdogs somehow toppled serious favorites — the Gamecube’s NBA Courtside 2002, a 16-seed, upset Tecmo Bowl (!!!); 2-seed NBA Jam lost out to Mutant League Football; and 16-seed 2 on 2 Open Ice Challenge defeated NHL ’94. Utterly shocking.

After a long discussion between the editorial team, we chalked this up to a shift in tastes between children of the ’80s and children of the ’90s. If Tecmo Bowl lost out to one of the best sports games on Gamecube, then we had to respect the next generation of gamers as voting powerhouses.

But then, Off-Road, an ’80s arcade classic upset Mario Kart. Nothing is what it seems. Anyone can go at any time, and the matchups in Round 2 get downright nasty.

Glancing over the bracket, there’s no way NBA Courtside will be able to upset NFL 2K5, but then, we didn’t think NBA Courtside would even be here right now. Other, fascinating matchups include Madden ’05 taking on Blitz 64 in classic football supremacy, RBI Baseball vs. Ken Griffey Jr., and Excitebike taking on FIFA.

Finally, WWF No Mercy, the dark horse favorite of the tournament (judging by the comments) should be making its way to the next round when it takes on underdog Links 386 Golf, which somehow upset Mike Tyson’s Punchout!!! as a 15-seed in round one.

First round results: Traditional Sports :: Non-Traditional Sports

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