The Best And Worst Of Smackdown 11/8/13: Ow!

Hey folks, sorry about the lack of a Smackdown report last week, but I was moving into a new house and didn’t have Internet or cable and, and…you didn’t even notice it was missing, did you? Well, uh, it’s back!

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On we go! If the skyyyyy turns blaaaack it don’t matter…

Worst: I Know They Have The Same Body Type, but Bray Wyatt Isn’t Paul Heyman

In his Raw report Brandon seemed to be pretty optimistic about the promos that might result from a CM Punk vs. Bray Wyatt feud, and I agree — on paper it seems like this should be good. Punk is a great talker, and Bray is, well, he’s intermittently pretty damn good. Wyatt will finally have something other than Kofi Kingston’s confuzzled look and The Miz’s, “Boy this guy sure is weird!” nerdy commentary to play off of, and Punk can do his “I’m the one guy here who pays attention and remembers stuff” thing and bring up his own past as a greasy cult leader.