The Best And Worst Of WWE Raw 4/7/14: The One, The Warrior And The King Of Swing

Pre-show notes:

– If you haven’t already, make sure you’ve read the Best and Worst of WWE WrestleMania 30. Some, uh, stuff happened. For bonus goofs, check out our collection of every single sad or shocked face from the ending to Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar. Come for the Carl Winslow guy but stay for the fat guy smooshing his face.

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Please click through for the Best and Worst of WWE Raw for April 7, 2014. The one after WrestleMania 30.

Best: If Every Pay-per-view Was As Important As WrestleMania, Would Every Raw Be As Good As The Post-Mania Raw?

I thought about it on the entire drive home from New Orleans to Austin. WrestleMania 30 was a dream. One of those weird moments where I took too much codeine and dreamed that Cesaro won a battle royal by bodyslamming Big Show to the floor, The Shield demolished a bunch of Attitude Era guys with no problem and the American Dragon Bryan Danielson beat three out of four Evolution members to win both world titles at once. The Undertaker lost and it blew everybody’s mind. Bray Wyatt had a band of Plague Doctors play him to the ring. Bob Backlund put me in the Crossface Chickenwing.