Bethe Correia Says Ronda Rousey ‘Won’t Have A Chance’ In UFC 190’s Main Event

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If you don’t buy the psychotic stare down routines, glowing confidence, or limbs like oak trees, perhaps words might make you believe Bethe Correia has a shot of winning at UFC 190 against arm bar machine Ronda Rousey.

If the UFC is great at anything, it’s the promotion of their big fights. And this video from the other corner of this fight (since we’ve got the Rousey corner pretty well covered) does a decent job at setting the stakes. It’s personal with Rousey, she brought the fight to Correia’s home and now it’s her duty to defend it from the foreign invasion:

“Ronda won’t have a chance and the belt will stay in Brazil…

“She has my title. I just threw the bait and she took it.”

Rousey has only had two fights in her career go well past the one minute mark, so it is pretty hard to hear someone talk about “their title” without putting a little smirk on your face. You’d almost have to be impressed if the fight makes it out of the first round at this point (which would be a better fight in my opinion).

So what do you think? Will we have a new champion, will Rousey get put the test, or will we be reading a slew of “Ronda Rousey should be fighting men” columns come morning?

(Via UFC)