Better Than His “Goodbye Forever Kim Kardashian’s Vagina” Tweet

04.29.11 7 years ago 4 Comments

In a Tweet that might as well have read “going 2 new england brb,” Reggie Bush reacted to the Saints trading back into the first round to draft Alabama running back Mark Ingram by going on the Internet, giving up completely and spending the rest of the day Googling “Reggie Bush.”

Via Twitter, the best place to say things like this:

About three hours later, Bush tweeted, “Congrats to Mark Ingram on being selected to New Orleans. He will be a great addition to the Saints backfield just as he was in Alabama,” so maybe he was just talking about the Hornets. Or he sent his Twitter password to his publicist.

Ingram gives the Saints a cheaper option at running back, and with a backfield that already includes Pierre Thomas and Chris Ivory, I guess Reggie has seen the writing on the wall. Now he’s got to e-mail the guy that made his wallpaper and get him to photoshop in a bunch of Saints-nonspecific “Reggie Bush is awesome” pictures.

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