The Most Ridiculous Super Bowl Prop Bet Involves Beyonce’s Cleavage

Beyonce Performs at The Staples Center
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Super Bowl 50 will go down in San Francisco this Sunday, and with it comes the countless number of prop bets created to satisfy the ridiculous gambling urges of all you degenerate bettors out there. As usual, you can bet on the coin flip, the over/under on the time it takes to sing the national anthem, the color of the Gatorade that will be dumped on the winning coach, and even the sex of the child that the Panthers’ first touchdown ball will go to.

But maybe the most bizarre novelty prop bet surrounding the big game this year involves Beyoncé’s chest.

Gamblers on the betting site can place wagers on whether Beyoncé will show her cleavage when she performs at halftime alongside Coldplay. The odds are set at Yes -350, No +260, which indicates that someone in the know believes Beyoncé may be going for sex appeal during her performance. Prepare yourself.

Then again, Katy Perry, who certainly isn’t afraid to show off her cleavage, surprised a lot of people when she kept it relatively tame during last year’s halftime show. So, if you’ve got money to blow and are weird enough to bet on how much boob a woman would like to show, you should tread carefully.

(Via TMZ)