The Crotchety Complaints About Beyonce’s Super Bowl Halftime Show Are As Crazy As You’d Imagine

Remember when Coldplay rocked Super Bowl 50 at halftime? And there was also some other entertainer there, too. I think her name was Beyonce? Yes, it was Beyonce. Well, guess what! People had issues with Beyonce and they mailed letters to the FCC to have their (insane) voices heard.

SB Nation has a whole bunch of those letters and they are everything you are imagining and more.

I’m writing to voice my displeasure of the naked Beyonce aired at the end of the Super Bowl 50 half-time show. It wasn’t technically part of the show but was the first thing shown afterward. Has CBS no respect for all the families with younger children that watch football, let alone the biggest football game of the year? That suggestive video clip would gain at least a “PG13” rating in a movie.

I zoned out at halftime, but I’m pretty sure I would have noticed or heard about Beyonce being naked before today. Then there were the people upset over racist hand … jesters.

“Beyonce was making racist hand jesters during her performance during the super bowl half time show. Our group will be keeping track of this complant.”

Don’t think this was just an attack on the female form because the male genital region was also a problem.

Year after year after year we are subjected to Cock Grabs at the halftime televised show at the Super  Bowl. I thought with Bruno Mars, Coldplay, and Beyonce this would be the first year without. But, no! They just had to include a video of Michael Jackson grabbing his dick! When is this going to end FCC? It’s sick!

There was also some valid criticism, although I don’t know how this falls under the FCC’s jurisdiction, like what’s the point of having someone signing the national anthem if we can’t see her doing it?

Marlee Matlin was chosen by the National Association of the Deaf to sign the National Anthem during Super Bowl 50. It was an exciting time for the Deaf community but a lot of us were disappointed when she only got three to five seconds of air time. Can the FCC make sure future Super Bowls will either include a box with the signer in it or at least a dedicated public video streaming channel for the Deaf community?

There is so much more than this among the complaints. The best way to put it is imagine if Twitter had no character limits and all the eggs just went off on a stream of consciousness. It’s wonderful reading.

(Via SB Nation)

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