Bicycle Parkour: Please Try This At Home, Film It, Send It To Me

I didn’t learn how to ride a bike until I was 12. A few weeks later I hit the curb wrong, flipped over my handlebars and landed in a ditch full of rocks. ‘Andrew Dickey – Black Bike Vol. 1’ is the exact opposite of that.

Parkour is cool, but only when you’re a fleeing thief being chased by a karate action star or someone buff enough to shoulderblock through freestanding walls. Bicycle parkour, courtesy of our friends at Buzzfeed, amps that coolness up significantly by having someone do parkour with a wonky metal frame pressed against their crotch. Somehow it’s not just a bunch of clips of people falling and hurting themselves, and is instead one of the most impressive four minutes of non-Japanese game show bike athleticism and dexterity ever captured on film. I mean, unless you know somebody else who can climb a building on a bike. I can’t even navigate the rock ditch without almost killing myself.

My only disappointment is that when he biked up onto the Storage King delivery truck (pictured), a little fat guy with a crown and a staff didn’t rush out from the building and chase him away.

[h/t and total agreement in headline to Matt Ufford]

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