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This is Ben Roethlisberger posing with a handful of Milledgeville’s Finest. The gentleman to Big Ben’s immediate right has been identified as Sgt. Jerry Blash, who would field the complaint of sexual assault from that 20-year-old about one after this photo was taken. Of course, the po-po snapped into defense mode.

Police Chief Woodrow Blue said he was not troubled by the photographs, adding that his officers handled the case correctly from the onset. “The photographs did not and have not affected the investigation at all,” said Blue.

And while Blash, an eight-year veteran of the Milledgeville Police Department, was the officer approached by the alleged victim and the officer who wrote the incident report, Blue said Blash had little involvement in the subsequent investigation. –Union-Recorder.

Obviously, the Sarge should have traveled back in time after the complaint and told his past self not to take the picture. Seriously, what the hell is the guy supposed to do? He lives in Milledgeville, Georgia. Big Ben is probably the biggest celebrity he’ll see in the next ten years. But here’s the fun part: other stories of Big Ben behaving like a horse’s ass are finally seeing the light of day.

A couple of years ago I heard from a woman who said that Roethlisberger blew off a Make-A-Wish kid. When KDKA-TVs News Director, John Verrilli, was shown the email, he made it clear that it was a story that his news department would not be pursuing. I eventually got in contact with the parents of the little girl who the jackass snubbed. They said the story was true but they didn’t want to go public with it for their daughter’s sake. The little girl had cystic fibrosis. –Just Watch The Game, via Mondesi’s House.

Look, I’m the last guy that thinks professional athletes need to accommodate everyone that asks, and I don’t know what exactly “blew off” means, but I can’t help but be satisfied, both as someone who profits on the stupidity of athletes and as a guy sick of seeing Roethlisberger portrayed as any sort of hero. The guy went to Miami of Ohio. What other douchebag credentials do you need?

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