The Big Ten Championship Game Was Delayed Due To A Massive Tear In The Field Turf

The Big Ten Championship Game was delayed on Saturday because a goal line stand literally broke the end zone.

With 12:39 left in the fourth quarter, Wisconsin scored a touchdown on a run up the middle to make it 24-19. But the churning of legs and bodies actually pulled up a section of the artificial turf in the Ohio State-labeled end zone, causing play to be stopped.

The seams of the end zone, which are fastened down by Velcro strips, were brought up, spreading black pellets all over the field. It was one of the funnier sights of the college football weekend, as four officials essentially stared at the broken field wondering what to do.

Yeah, that’s not exactly something you can avoid. So what to do? Well, the game was delayed while a groundskeeper frantically tried to fix it, digging out the pellets that were now keeping the Velcro from adhering and putting the field back in place.

It was actually pretty entertaining to watch.

At one point, a rake was brought out to move the pellets around and try to bring the raised surface flat against the rest of the playing field.

Eventually, and to much applause, the attendant finished and Wisconsin was allowed to go for two, which brought them to within a field goal.