This Cyclist Crashed Head-First Into A Car And Miraculously Survived

Matt Brammeier is somehow recovering well after sustaining severe injuries to his pelvis, ribs, and a lung from the above video, according to Velo News. Miraculously, he did not suffer injuries to his head or neck.

At around the 0:20 mark of the video, Brammeier appears to lose control of his bike while attempting to go around a sharp turn and instead crashes directly into a service car. As officials went to check on Brammeirer, two more cyclists got involved in the accident as they clipped a motorcycle, before spectators wisely decided to tell incoming riders to slow down.

While Brammeier obviously suffered serious injuries from the crash, the car being where it was may have actually saved him from further damage, as he appeared to be headed directly for a cliff if the vehicle hadn’t been there to stop his momentum.

Brammeier seems to be in good spirits following the accident as he posted this picture to his Twitter feed:

(Via Velo News)