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Sharon Shenocca — the New Jersey housewife who's divorcing her husband following a long romance with Patriots coach Bill Belichick — knows that her illicit football flame has found a younger platinum fortyish girlfriend in Linda Holliday, but she doesn't seem to mind.  Probably because Belichick is footing the bill for a $2.2 million NYC brownstone.  Yeah, that's a good way to soften the break-up.

Shenocca… said Belichick has FedExed her at least $150,000 in cash, paid for exotic vacations and is renovating a $2.2 million New York brownstone where she hopes to live with her two kids, according to the New York Post. Shenocca said Belichick has even ponied up some $22,000 to rent her a home on the Jersey Shore for the upcoming summer, the second year in a row he’s picked up the tab for her seaside holiday.

As for Belichick’s new squeeze, Linda Holliday, Shenocca said she knows Belichick and the blond divorcee have “had a few dates” but said she hasn’t met Holliday. Shenocca, 41, who denies that she and Belichick are anything more than “friends,” said the coach continues to foot her bills out of “generosity.” 

Wow, you can just feel the sarcasm from that article.  They might as well come out and say that Shenocca trades anal for rent… which, to be fair, isn't such a bad deal in New York.

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