Bill Belichick Made A Powerful New Enemy At The Weather Channel

Last week, as the New England Patriots were preparing for their eventual thrashing of the seemingly unstoppable Denver Broncos, Coach Bill Belichick decided to host his own Dry Comedy Jam at the expense of meteorologists. Captain Personality made it seem like the local weather “experts” had been screwing up left and right in their predictions of weather two days prior to gamedays, and I can only assume that Pats fans everywhere took a moment to learn some meteorologists’ names and then sent them death threats on Twitter. (In fairness, I would have made that joke about any teams’ fans.)

Alas, the gang of street-bred party-poopers at the Weather Channel wasn’t going to simply sit back and let Belichick crap all over their profession. Instead, meteorologist Mike Bettes strapped on a cape with a huge M on it and defended his colleagues’ work by showing Belichick just how off-base his comments were. In conclusion, the Weather Channel was kind of interesting and entertaining this week.