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Rumpled home-wrecker and occasional NFL coach Bill Belichick's appearance at Monday's NCAA title game (hey, wasn't I supposed to write about that?) raised eyebrows because the Patriots' head coach was spotted with a fortyish blonde who wasn't Sharon Shenocca, 41, the former Giants receptionist that Belichick wooed away from her husband. Today, the Boston Herald has the scoop on the mystery woman:

Linda Holliday, the mother of two preteen girls, is the [43-year-old] mystery blonde Belichick took to the NCAA National Championship hoopla in Atlanta the other night. Holliday, we’re told, is in the process of divorcing Eugene “Butch” Holliday, a 53-year-old Arkansas businessman who is her third hubby…

“At one point, a couple of months ago, Butch thought they were going to reconcile,” said our spy. But instead, Holliday got the word that Linda was going to focus her energy on Bill.

Oh man, divorce AND people in their in 40s and 50s dating.  Good God this is sexy.  I'm harder than the MCAT right now.  Details!  I need details of wrinkly balls and saggy boobs!

(Screenshot from The Big Lead

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