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The Red Sox played their home opener yesterday, and as the banner picture of Yoko Matsugane attests, Daisuke Matsuzaka pitched six and two-thirds scoreless innings, striking out seven along the way for the win against the mysteriously hapless Tigers (0-7).  Dice-K is now 2-0, and no: there will not be a new Yoko pic EVERY time he pitches.  Why?  Because I'm mean.

Of course, the big story revolves around the pre-game ceremonies, in which the Red Sox received their championship rings commemorating their second World Series win in four years.  Thus it was also a good time to bring out Bill Buckner, the scapegoat for the team's World Series collapse in 1986, out for the first pitch.  Buckner's ovation was resoundingly warm, and it was clear that he was exorcising demons as he approached the mound, obviously struggling to keep his composure in an unexpectedly tender moment for Boston sports fans.  Nah just kidding.  Fags!

[Opening pitch video here, weepy Buckner interview post-ceremony here

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