01.05.07 11 years ago 5 Comments

Personally, I think it's good Bill Cowher resigned. I know he did top-flight work for a proud organization, but you can tell he didn't have that fire any more. I watched a handful of Steelers games this season, and at no time did I ever really feel he was about to assault the referee. It just wasn't the full Cowher experience.

And who can blame him? Dude was living in Pittsburgh for 15 years. I loved being a part of a kick-ass team, too (the Marine Corps, for those who don't know), but after three years in Twentynine Palms, unemployment looked better than more time in the desert. But Pittsburgh? 15 years? Yikes. At least the Mojave has pretty sunsets. And plenty of meth labs.

So, enjoy your time away from the Black and Gold, Mr. Cowher. As much as I detest the Steelers, I couldn't help but admire the Chin. 

As for the Steelers, good luck finding a new coach. I understand Art Shell and Dennis Green are available. 

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